Can i hunt on my own land without a license in ny? (2024)

Can i hunt on my own land without a license in ny?

Hunting License Exceptions

Can you hunt deer on your own property without a license in NY?

You do not need a hunting license if you are:

A resident landowner primarily engaged in farming (including lessees and members of their immediate families) when small game hunting on farm lands they are occupying and cultivating.

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What animals can you hunt without a license in NY?

Protected Wildlife

The few unprotected species include porcupine, red squirrel, woodchuck, English sparrow, starling, rock pigeon, and monk parakeet. Unprotected species may be taken at any time without limit. A hunting license is required to hunt unprotected wildlife with a bow, crossbow, or firearm.

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Is it legal to hunt on state land in NY?

Many state lands, including Wildlife Management Areas, State Forests, Forest Preserve and State Parks are open for hunting and trapping during the appropriate seasons.

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What happens if you lose your NYS hunting license?

Lost lifetime license ID cards can be replaced for a fee of $5 at any license issuing agent. The ID card will be sent to you in the mail. Lost carcass tags for turkey, bear or deer (including DMPs) can be replaced for a fee of $10 at any license issuing agent.

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Can you hunt on private property in New York?

The New York State Penal Law makes it an offense to enter any land without permission. All property is owned by somebody. The lack of posted signs, fences or other man made objects does not imply that you may enter to hunt, fish or trap. It is your responsibility to obtain permission to enter private lands or waters.

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Can you hunt unposted land in NY?

Hunters must avoid using private property for access to public lands and waters and must not enter areas posted with a warning for trespass. Trespassing is illegal even on unposted property.

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Can you feed deer on your own property in NY?

It is illegal to intentionally feed wild deer or moose in New York. Feeding of white-tailed deer causes unnatural concentrations near the food source, which can lead to ecological damage, damage to property, and an increased risk of transmission of disease between deer.

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Can you hunt forever wild land in NY?

Landowners of conserved forever-wild land retain the right to hike, enjoy nature, hunt, fish, and use the land for other non-extractive purposes like education and research.

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Can you carry a pistol while hunting in New York?

You can carry a handgun - provided you have a NYS pistol permit - while hunting with a bow during the regular big game season. However, you may not carry a firearm while archery hunting during a special archery season.

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Can you hunt on local land?

Public land hunting is any federal, state, or local area designated as parks, forests, grasslands, and management areas that are legally open to and physically accessible to hunting. Public land means that the land is owned by federal, state, county, or local governments and is open and accessible to everyone.

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Can you hunt with a AR 15 in NY?

New York state compliant AR-15. New York allows Semi-automatic rifles for hunting. The Magazine is not a issue because you can just buy a 10 round mag. And the “Muzzle device” Rule is for sound suppressors/flash suppressors.

Can i hunt on my own land without a license in ny? (2024)
Can you hunt over a food plot in NY?

Intentional feeding or baiting of deer or bear is prohibited at all times of year. This includes use of mineral blocks or powders. Exempt activities include agricultural plantings, wildlife food plots, and cutting of trees or brush to provide winter forage.

Can you trap on your own land without a license in NY?

You do not need a trapping license if you are:

A resident landowner primarily engaged in farming (including lessees and members of their immediate families) when trapping on farm lands they are occupying and cultivating.

Do you need a hunter safety course to hunt in New York?

The NY Hunter Education course (Hunter Safety course) is required to purchase a hunting license in New York. The course covers the necessary safety techniques and responsibilities that a hunter must know when using a gun, muzzleloader, crossbow, or bow to pursue wild game.

How much does it cost for an out of state hunting license in NY?

License Fees
Licenses, Privileges, and Permits
Age or Special QualifierPrice
Indigenous Peoples3FREE
16+ (Non-Resident)$100
12–15 (NYS Resident)$5
42 more rows

Can you shoot a bear on your property in NY?

If the bear is killing or worrying livestock or destroying an apiary on cultivated land, the landowner (or you, as that person's agent) may take the bear at any time.

Can you hunt in the Land Trust in NY?

In addition to hiking, canoeing, cross country skiing, dog-walking, fishing, and nature observation, York Land Trust recognizes hunting as a recreational use suitable on many of its preserves.

Can a felon bow hunt in New York?

In the recent months NYS has made it illegal for all convicted felons to bear fire arms/bow and arrows. In the past convicted felons were not allowed to hunt with shot guns or rifles, BUT could hunt with muzzleloaders and bows. now they can not hunt period.

How close to my house can I hunt?

Discharging a firearm (including a bow and arrow) is prohibited in or within 150 yards of a developed recreation site, a residence, or any place where people are likely to be. Shooting across bodies of water or a Forest Service road is prohibited.

Can you hunt on Sunday in NY?

Sunday hunting is allowed in all areas of New York. Check the area that you hunt carefully. For hunting on state parks, confirm regulations with the park before hunting.

How far from a road can you hunt in NY?

It is illegal to discharge a firearm, crossbow, or bow: So that the load or arrow/bolt passes over any part of a public highway. Within 500 feet for a firearm, 250 feet for a crossbow, or 150 feet for a bow of any school, playground, or an occupied factory or church.

What is the penalty for feeding deer in NY?

Such tickets are violations, carrying a maximum penalty of a $250 fine, and/or 15 days in jail. A DEC statement on the proposed deer feeding regulations was recently released to

Is it legal to put out a salt lick for deer?

“Providing attractants for deer – food, salt licks or even water – is against the law for good reason,” said Dr. Brandon Munk, senior wildlife veterinarian with CDFW's Wildlife Investigations Laboratory.

Can you put a salt lick out for deer?

Supplementing Deer Mineral Licks. Early spring is a great time to put out salt or mineral blocks for deer. Whitetails crave salt more in spring and summer, when water and potassium are high in lush green vegetation, than at any other time of year.

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