Can i hunt on my own land in arizona? (2024)

Can i hunt on my own land in arizona?

Yes, you can hunt on your own property. You still have to follow all hunting laws regarding license, seasons etc. Should a person be able to legally hunt on private land without a state license being issued?

Are you allowed to hunt on your own property in Arizona?


Hunting and fishing, which are regulated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, are allowed on public and private lands with landowner consent. On private lands, no shooting is allowed within ¼ mile of any occupied structure or from or across a road or railway.

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What animals can you hunt in Arizona without a license?

There are many opportunities to go hunting that do not require hunters to submit an application for a hunt permit-tag via the Draw. Species and hunts available are archery-only deer with some unit restrictions, limited opportunity elk, mountain lion, bear, archery-only javelina and juniors-only turkey (shotgun).

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What can you hunt all year round in Arizona?

Black bear, mountain lion, bison, a small game challenge, dove and quail hunting details. Arizona has an incredible variety of year-round hunting opportunities, for both big game and small game.

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What does Arizona State Trust land restricted access mean?

The Land Department leases some areas of Trust lands to private parties and these areas become off-limits. If an area is posted by signs other than the Trust signs saying a permit is required, the area is not for public use. Prospecting and rock hunting require a lease agreement separate from a recreational permit.

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Can you hunt on your own land in Arizona without a tag?

Same rules apply. You own the land, not the animals on it. You're still going to need tags for big game animals.

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Can you hunt on your own land without a license in Arizona?

You will need the proper licenses or permits to hunt in Arizona. You can usually get those pretty easily if you pay a nominal fee. However, if you're hunting on your own land in Arizona, you don't need a license or permit.

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What animals are you not allowed to own in Arizona?

Arizona prohibits certain wildlife, including:
  • Golden moles.
  • Tenrecs.
  • Even-toed ungulates.
  • Pronghorns.
  • Antelopes.
  • Bison.
  • Buffalo.
  • Cattle.

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Does Arizona have over the counter hunting tags?

A valid over-the-counter archery deer nonpermit-tag is required to hunt all open seasons during the calendar year. Check online at for open areas; open areas will close when harvest limits are met.

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What part of Arizona has the most deer?

Arizona's Wildlife

Coues deer are most common in Arizona's southeastern mountains, but range up on to the Mogollon Rim and into the White Mountains. They are most abundant in areas of predictable summer precipitation.

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Does Arizona have a lifetime hunting license?

arizona's lifetime license

Arizona's lifetime general hunting and fishing license program is a unique opportunity for resident sportsmen and sportswomen to participate in the long-term funding of Arizona's Wildlife Conservation programs.

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Can you eat javelina?

Hunsaker takes his carcasses to Miller's Southwestern Processing in Queen Creek for butchering, and sometimes he has them turned into snack sticks. One of his favorite ways to cook javelina is to season it as you would any other meat and throw it on the grill.

Can i hunt on my own land in arizona? (2024)
Can I camp on my own land in Arizona?

Can I camp on my land? Tent camping on private land is prohibited except in permitted campgrounds. Using an RV for a certain amount of time is allowed with an approved Zoning Permit as long as there is not an existing residence on the property.

Can you collect rocks on Arizona state Trust land?

Please remember that Arizona State Trust Land is not public land. You must obtain the Arizona State Land Department's Recreational Use Permit to camp hike or travel on State land. Rockhounding and metal detecting are not allowed on Arizona State Trust Land.

Can you shoot on AZ trust land?

Shooting is not permitted in state parks or state trust land. Know your target and what is beyond it.

Can you hunt from a vehicle in Arizona?

OHVs and hunting

OHVs are an excellent tool to access Arizona's back-country, but hunters need to remember that hunting with the aid of a vehicle is prohibited. An OHV can be used to access a particular hunt area but a hunter cannot exclusively hunt from a motor vehicle.

How much is an OTC elk tag in Arizona?

Hunt Permit-tag and License Fee Information
NONPERMIT-TAGS These tags may be purchased over-the- counter at Department offices or license dealers.RESIDENTNON-RESIDENT YOUTH
Elk Nonpermit-tag$135
Archery Deer Nonpermit-tag 5$45
Raptor Capture Nonpermit-tag$175
Bobcat Seal (for sale or export)6$3
9 more rows

What land can you hunt on in Arizona?

Arizona Public Hunting Land Near Me
  • Graham , 500000 Acres - Mule Deer, Dove, Quail, Exotics. ...
  • Mohave , 87900 Acres - Mule Deer, Predator, Exotics. ...
  • Mohave, 14650 Acres - Mule Deer, Turkey, Exotics. ...
  • Santa Cruz, 7880 Acres - Mule Deer, Turkey, Exotics. ...
  • Maricopa , 60100 Acres - Mule Deer, Predator, Exotics.

Do you need a hunting license to hunt coyotes in Arizona?

Coyotes are classified as predators and have a year-round hunting season. A valid hunting license is required. See Arizona Game and Fish Department Hunting Regulations.

Can I buy an elk tag over the counter in Arizona?

Arizona OTC Elk Tags

You can now hunt elk with any weapon in Arizona, all with an OTC tag. Big Chino Outfitters is excited to be offering these guided AZ OTC elk hunts on over 90,000 acres of private land in great elk hunting units.

What is state trust land in Arizona?

What is State Trust Land? State Trust Land is not Public Land. Trust land is different from public land such as parks or National Forests, in that Trust Lands are managed by the Land Department to generate revenue for 13 specific beneficiaries.

Is it illegal to own more than 4 dogs in Arizona?

In all zoning districts except rural districts, a maximum of four dogs are allowed. These limitations do not apply to small animals kept within a residence, including cats, fish, small birds, rodents, and reptiles.

Are dogs considered property in Arizona?

Under Arizona law, pets are considered personal property. As such, a family pet may be either separate property or marital property.

Where is it legal to own a gorilla?

In California, all gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, bonobos, and gibbons are classified as “wildlife” that must be heavily regulated by the state for their own health and welfare as well as public safety. In general, it is illegal to import, possess, or sell apes for use as pets in California.

How much is a OTC deer tag in AZ?

Tag Costs
General Hunting$37N/A
Combination Hunt/Fish$57$160
Archery Deer Nonpermit-tag$45$300
Oct 27, 2023

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